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Repetitive Abstract Structure

Early College Academy High School

Celebration Necklace

Students learn how to make a celebration ornament using a wire bending armature technique, round nose pliers and repurposed copper.  Participants select a celebration theme icon and an array of representative beads which are added to the rails as they form their artistic creation.  The ornament is attached to a cotton cord or a chain of their choice.

Celebration Necklace.jpeg

Flower Power Bracelet

This bracelet honors and appreciates our vast park lands.  Students gleen colorful inspiration from their favorite flowers.  They learn how to transform this vision into a bracelet using a macrame square knotting technique.  The closure is made from recycled copper plumbing pipes and roof nails.

Flower Power2.jpg


A true essence of strength with Copper,Brass, and Bone Beads with a Citrine Gemstone accent.


Harvest Backpack Charm

Copper Owls and bats were heat colorized to create splashes of iridescent colors.  Participants used leather cord and learned the box lanyard stich that was attached to the adornment.  An orange accent bead was added and an eco-friendly copper bushing cold connection.


Glass Gems Bracelet

The beauty of creating a bracelet with lapis, and jade gemstones accented with glass beads.  This artwork is fused together with a copper armature and repurpose plumbing pipe closure.


One with Nature

Honoring copper and nature

One with Nature.jpeg


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