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12 Week Specialized
Art Mentorship Program

A pre-assessment is conducted by Copper Gumbo staff to obtain their input on desired program outcome.   During the pre-assessment phase, it is established how many students will be participating in the program.  We recommend a select number of students per site to allow focused hands on engagement with each student.  Upon completion of the program, students will complete a brief post assessment to ascertain their progress, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience with the program.  A re-connect with teachers is conducted to disseminate results and future program adjustments. Session are 1.5 hours within site dependant timeframes.

Program Overview

"Art projects are specialized to your needs"

                    Copper Gemstone Stencil Charm                                                    Inspiration -  Inca Civilization

Week 1 & 2

Create an amulet charm utilizing a vintage metal stamp machine to stencil your message onto a copper plate.  Dangle an amazonite gemstone accent and fashion a connection with a transformed copper roofing nail. Introduction to copper (Cu), gemstones (KAISi3O8), up cycle transformation of utilitarian objects, re-purposed fabrication equipment and tool safety.

                    Baseball Glove Lace Bracelet                                                         Inspiration - Team Sports

Week 3

Experience an artful way to make leather jewerly utilizing a classic butterfly lanyard weaving technique.  Explore how to up-cycle architectural copper roof nails into an object' d' art closure. Define vision, teamwork, purpose & relentlessness related to artistic endeavors and life.

                    Bohemian Bead Weave Bracelet                                                   Inspiration - African Civilizations

Week 4

Learn how to weave African beads with copper wire into an organic mesh strip utilizing a wire rope fence technique.  Form the bracelet and connect with a reclaimed copper high voltage clasp & refrigeration tube hook bushing. Discuss the importance of following steps, overcoming obstacles and patience.

                    Chandelier Earrings 

                      Inspiration - Mexico

Week 5 &  6

Explore how to create free spirited, abstract, chandelier style earrings.  Stencil and uplifting message on copper shapes and dangle wire wrapped translucent bead ornaments.  Add sterling silver ear wires and marvel at how they catch the light as they swing and glisten! Discuss the concept of Art as the beauty and design is the process.

                    Copper Gemstone Stencil Charm                                            Inspiration -  Inca Civilization

Week 7 &  8

Awaken your creativity with art form of adventure! Fashion a bracelet from colorful leather cording, wooden and glass beads.  Engage in conversation about viewing life with an artful eye and respect for nature.

                    African Kaleidoscope Bangle                                                     Inspiration - African Adornment

Week 9

Explore African artistic treasures through their fascinating array of beads that adorn the essentials aspects of African culture.  Create a copper African bead bangle bracelet using a metal wrap and twist technique.  Activate the imagination.  Organiza your thoughts, plan and participate in the process to completion.

                    Copper Gemstone Stencil Charm                                            Inspiration - Inspiration Inca Civilization

Week 10 &  11

Learn how to create a semi-precious gemstone copper dream catcher pendant using a copper wire weaving technique.  Discuss the meaning of dexterity and the importance of honoring and be mindful of this art form reverenced by the Native American culture.

                                GALLERY OF ART                                                         Student showcase with Parental engagement

Week 12

Art Festival Program culmination for students to collectively display their works of Art. Celebrate and admire accomplishments. Embark upon the entrepreneurism of selling their works of art.

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